RISC System/6000 200 Series workstations and servers

POWER-driven entry solutions


25T workstation with POWERdisplay monitor Screen image: Wabi 1.1

200 Series highlights

Customer solutions

IBM's innovative POWER and PowerPC technologies deliver breakthrough value and performance to all 200 Series workstations and servers. The superior floating-point performance of these models makes them a natural for technical engineering/ scientific applications, while their integer performance and powerful transaction processing capabilities provide an excellent environment for running mission-critical business applications. These cost-effective, entry-level systems are ideal in multi-user environments. All models are binary compatible with the other members of the RISC System/6000(r) family and support both AIX Version 3.2.5 and AIX Version 4.1. These models are extremely versatile providing paging over LANs and remote IPL, and can be enhanced with optional features and supported devices.

The 220 and 230 models offer a range of POWER single chip processors with clock speeds of up to 45 MHz in the latter. These cost-effective workstations and servers provide extensive growth and configuration flexibility.

With the high speed 80 MHz processor option, the 250 models are the performance leaders of the 200 Series. The 80 MHz PowerPC Performance Select is available as an option on new 250 systems or as an upgrade to existing 200 Series systems. The 250 models also support a robust range of devices.

Graphics power

Complementing the RS/6000(tm) POWER and PowerPC technologies is a versatile family of graphics accelerators and specialized system software that meets the needs of graphics intensive applications. The 200 Series supports a wide selection of graphics displays, high-quality peripherals, and a robust range of 2D and 3D graphics options.

The 200 Series workstations also support entry level 3D graphics for applications that use the OpenGL, PEX or PHIGS 3D graphics application programming interfaces (APIs). This capability is available either through optional software support, which allows you to run 3D graphics on a 2D accelerator; or with a hardware accelerator, such as the POWER Gt4e(tm) or the POWER GXT1000(tm)&period.

World-class service and support

IBM stands behind every RISC System/6000 with superior service and support to ensure your highest satisfaction. With IBM's commitment to technology leadership, unparalleled experience in delivering high-quality solutions and open system leadership, an investment in RS/6000 200 Series workstations and servers is an investment in success.

Packaged systems

In addition to the standard features, packaged systems are available. (Not all available packages are listed here.) Standard and optional package features include:

Performance Table[1]

RS/6000 Model 220
            Clock rate                   33 MHz
            Processor                    RSC
            SPEC(tm)int92[2]             20.4
            SPECfp92[3]                  29.1
            Linpack DP[4] (in MFLOPS)     6.6
            Linpack SP[5] (in MFLOPS)     8.4
            Linpack TPP[6] (in MFLOPS)   13.9 
            Xmark93[7]                    1.46 (Gt1)
RS/6000 Model 230
            Clock rate                   45 MHz
            Processor                    RSC
            SPEC(tm)int92[2]             28.5
            SPECfp92[3]                  39.9
            Linpack DP[4] (in MFLOPS)     8.8
            Linpack SP[5] (in MFLOPS)    11.4
            Linpack TPP[6] (in MFLOPS)   19.2 
            Xmark93[7]                    4.33 (Gt1x)
RS/6000 Model 250
            Clock rate                   66 MHz
            Processor                    601
            SPEC(tm)int92[2]             62.6
            SPECfp92[3]                  72.2
            Linpack DP[4] (in MFLOPS)    12.7
            Linpack SP[5] (in MFLOPS)    19.5
            Linpack TPP[6] (in MFLOPS)   33.9 
            Xmark93[7]                   10.72 (GXT150)
RS/6000 Model 250
            Clock rate                   80 MHz
            Processor                    601
            SPEC(tm)int92[2]             78.8
            SPECfp92[3]                  90.4
            Linpack DP[4] (in MFLOPS)    15.1
            Linpack SP[5] (in MFLOPS)    21.8
            Linpack TPP[6] (in MFLOPS)   40.5 
            Xmark93[7]                   11.88 (GXT150)

Features and Benefits

POWER Architecture(tm) and PowerPC RISC design

Model conversion capability

Binary-code compatibility

Up to 256MB of memory (250)

System storage

Standard RISC System/6000 I/O ports

2 Micro Channel slots and 1 graphics slot

Preconfigured packaging

Error correction code


RISC System/6000 200 Series workstations and servers at a glance*


Memory (RAM)

Operating system

Standard functions

Graphics (standard)


System expansion


Keyboard and mouse

Power supply



* For additional details, contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner.

Optional products and features

The 200 Series workstations and servers are configured to handle most business and technical computing tasks. However, optional tools and features are available. These features are listed below.

Not all products or features are available on all models.


Memory Internal storage Graphics accelerators Interfaces Adapters

Supported devices

The following list of devices is a representative sample. Not all of the devices listed are supported on all models. For a complete and detailed list of supported devices, contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner.

External storage



Input devices


Printers and peripherals

Other devices

For more information on the RISC System/6000 200 Series or the entire family of RISC System/6000 products, call your IBM marketing representative, IBM Business Partner, or IBM Direct: 1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255).
In Canada call 1 800 363-RISC (1 800 363-7472).

You can also call 1 800 IBM-4FAX (1 800 426-4329), and more information will be faxed immediately to your location.

All performance data was obtained in a specific environment and is presented "as is" for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary.
Values shown here are the results of development-level systems. While these values should be indicative of generally available systems, no warranties or guarantees are stated or implied by IBM. IBM recommends application-oriented testing for performance predictions and offers the above commonly reported benchmarks only as an initial indicator. Additional information on these tests is available from your IBM Branch Office or IBM Authorized Reseller.
SPECint92 is a geometric mean of six integer tests that comprise the CINT92 benchmark suite. All of these are written in C language.
SPECfp92 is a geometric mean of 14 tests that represent the CFP92 benchmark suite. Five of the tests are single precision, while the remaining nine are double precision. Two tests are written in C language, and the rest are written in FORTRAN.
Linpack DP: Double Precision, n=100 results with AIX XL FORTRAN Compiler/6000, with optimization. Units are megaflops (MFLOPS).
Linpack SP: Single Precision, n=100 results with AIX XL FORTRAN Compiler/6000, with optimization. Units are megaflops (MFLOPS).
Linpack TPP: Toward Peak Performance (TPP), n=1,000 results with AIX XL FOTRAN Compiler/6000 with optimization. Units are megaflops (MFLOPS).
The Xmark93 rating is a weighting of 532 tests executed in the X11 perf suite and is an indicator of 2D graphics performance in an X environment. The IBM GXT150L graphics adapter was used to test the 41T and 41W.

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