7240/6042 Microcode


7249/6042 microcode description

New level description

This release of microcode for the 7249/6042 Series of ThinkPad Power Series is version 1.01.
Year 2000 Support
For model 851 of machine types 7249 and 6042, system microcode must be updated to be Year 2000 ready*. Note that this statement does not apply to the product 7249 Model 860 whose system microcode is Year 2000 ready* as shipped.

You will want to upgrade your microcode to version 1.01 to ensure that your system is Year 2000 ready*. This update provides other functional enhancements. See the next section.

* Please consult the IBM Year 2000 web page at http://www.ibm.com/IBM/year2000 for IBM's definition of "Year 2000 ready" and the latest information of the status of IBM products and the Year 2000.

Enhanced Function
It contains all of the features of the previous release, 1.0, plus the following enhancements and fixes:

You will want to update your microcode if you would like to add these enhancements to your system. Users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Previous level description

FW VERSION : 1.00 ROM BUILD DATE : 07/03/95

How to determine your microcode version

To check your microcode version:

  1. Enter Easy Setup by pressing the F1 key at the power on time.
  2. Select Test icon.
  3. Enter Super Test by pressing the Ctrl + A keys.
  4. Enter Maintenace Utility by pressing the Ctrl + V keys.
  5. Select System Info.
  6. System ROM version number shows the current firmware level. ** If System ROM version number is 1.01, the machine is already applied this Firmware change.Turn on or shutdown and restart the computer.

How To Upgrade Your System Microcode

To update your system microcode, follow the "RS/6000 microcode download procedure" to download and unpack a file archive. Each archive contains a detailed README file with step-by-step instructions on how to update the system microcode.

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