IBM eserver  pSeries & RS/6000 Microcode Updates
Use this page to keep your microcode (also called machine code) current with the latest available microcode updates. Updates to system, adapter, and device microcode are available.
    Downloading Microcode Updates
You will need to read and accept the  license agreement  in order to be able to download any microcode.  Once you accept the license agreement you will have access to the download page.

Don't remember the download procedure? ... Refer to the microcode download procedure. 

  Recent Microcode Releases
What's new is a list of the most recent microcode releases for systems, adapters and devices. The table is in descending order.  The most recent microcode releases are on on top to the oldest. 
 Determining your Current Microcode Level
To determine your currently installed microcode level, refer to the tables on the download page. Find the row for your machine type and model, then click on the link [Description] in the third column. This page will provide information on determining your currently installed microcode level
  Being Informed of Updates
To be informed of future updates, To be informed of future updates, subscribe to the Microcode Update mailing list. Choose 'Hardware Microcode Bulletins' from the list of options.
  About pSeries & RS/6000 Microcode
Understand why it's a good idea to keep your microcode current.