RS/6000 40P Model 7020 Microcode


IBM RS/6000 40P Model 7020 microcode description

This microcode update is version 1.29 for the RS/6000 40P Model 7020. Note that this microcode cannot be used on any other RS/6000 systems. The enhancement in this release is:

Year 2000 Support -- When the system time rolls over from 1999 to 2000, the operating system will understand the correct date*.

You will want to update your microcode if you need your system to behave properly when the year rolls over to 2000.

If the version of your current microcode is greater than or equal to 1.29, there is no need to upgrade your microcode.

* Please consult the IBM Year 2000 web page at for IBM's definition of "Year 2000 ready" and the latest information of the status of IBM products and the Year 2000.

How To Determine Your Microcode Version

To check your microcode version:

  1. Insert your System Management Services (SMS) diskette into the diskette drive.
  2. Turn on or shutdown and restart the system.
  3. When the first screen is displayed, press the F4 key to use the System Management Services. Note: you must press the F4 key after the keyboard icon has appeared at the bottom of the screen, but before the last icon appears at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Read the version number from the header that appears at the top of the main SMS menu. It should look similar to the following:
       Version 1.xx, built on mm/dd/yy
            at hh:mm:ss
       (Note: 1.xx is your microcode version
            where xx is a 2-digit number.)

Note: if your microcode version is not in the form 1.xx, you should update it to the version available here.

How To Upgrade Your System Microcode

To update your system microcode, follow the "RS/6000 microcode download procedure" to download and unpack a file archive. Each archive contains a detailed README file with step-by-step instructions on how to update the system microcode.

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