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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Planning for General Parallel File System (GPFS)

General Parallel File System for AIX provides concurrent shared access to files spanning multiple disk drives located on multiple nodes. This licensed program provides file system service to parallel and serial applications |in an SP system or an HACMP/ES cluster environment.

|You can use GPFS in several system environments and |configurations. This discussion is limited to using GPFS in a system |configuration where PSSP is running, like one of the following |configurations: |

|In the SP environment, the boundaries of the GPFS cluster depend on |the switch type being used. With the SP Switch2, the GPFS cluster is |equal to all of the nodes in the system. With the SP Switch, the GPFS |cluster is equal to the SP system partition in which it is configured. |Within a GPFS cluster, the nodes are divided into one or more GPFS |nodesets. A nodeset is a group of nodes that all run the |same level of GPFS and operate on the same file system. The nodes in |each nodeset share a set of file systems that are not accessible by the nodes |in any other nodeset.

You can modify your GPFS configuration after it has been set, but your reward for a little consideration before installing it is a more efficient file system.

Hardware and operating environment considerations:

File size considerations:

Data recovery considerations:

|Details on planning and implementing these strategies and other |methods can be found in the book IBM General Parallel File System for |AIX: Concepts, Planning, and Installation Guide.

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