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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Getting help from IBM

Before you call for help, check if all the latest service has been applied to your SP system. Then see the relevant discussion in the book PSSP: Diagnosis Guide to help you diagnose problems before placing a call. If you still require help from IBM in resolving an SP system problem, you can call IBM. You might be asked to send relevant data and to open a problem management record (PMR) for tracking purposes.

Finding service information

A Web site contains all the service bulletins and flashes as well as PTF and APAR reports for all current releases of PSSP, LoadLeveler, and Parallel Environment. The Web address is

Calling IBM for help

You can get assistance by calling IBM Support. Before you call, be sure you have the following information:

  1. Your access code (customer number). This number was entered on Worksheet 4, "Major system hardware components " in Table 60.
  2. The SP product number, for example:

    Similarly, each product has its own order number that will speed the correct routing of your call. See Table 46.

  3. The name and version of the operating system you are using.
  4. Any relevant machine type and serial numbers.
  5. A telephone number where you can be reached.

The person with whom you speak will ask for the above information and then give you a time period during which an IBM SP representative will call you back.

In the United States:

The number for IBM software support is 1-800-237-5511.
The number for IBM AIX support is 1-800-CALL-AIX.
The number for IBM hardware support is 1-800-IBM-SERV.
The number for the IBM PC Help Center is 1-800-772-2227

Outside the United States, contact your local IBM Service Center.

Sending problem data to IBM

You might be asked to produce a system dump and send it to the IBM support office. Refer to PSSP: Administration Guide for instructions on how to produce this information.

Customers within the United States

To send the data to IBM, label the tape or diskette with the problem number and mail it to:

IBM AIX Customer Service and Support
Dept. 39KA, Mail Station P961, Bldg. 415
2455 South Road
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601-5400

ATTN: APAR Processing

Customers outside the United States

Your local IBM Service Center can provide you with the address to use.

Opening a Problem Management Record (PMR)

A PMR is an online software record used to keep track of software problems reported by customers.

Follow your local support or service procedures for opening a PMR.

To aid in quick problem determination and resolution, it will be very useful to have the SDR data specific to the problem included in the PMR. You can obtain the SDR data using the splstdata command. Use the appropriate command flag to view data relevant to the problem. For example:

splstdata -e
Lists environment choices

splstdata -n
Lists node information

splstdata -s
Lists switch information

For more information on splstdata, refer to PSSP: Command and Technical Reference.

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