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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Understanding which security services software to acquire

Your choices determine which security services software you need to obtain in addition to the AIX and PSSP software, where it is to be installed and configured, and at what point in the process. The PSSP implementation of Kerberos V4 authentication comes with the PSSP software and the authenticated remote commands come with AIX. You have to plan to obtain, install, and configure any other security services software that you choose to use. |Neither the secure remote command, the DCE, nor the Kerberos V5 |software comes with AIX or PSSP.

|You need to obtain, install, and configure any secure remote command |software that you want to use. PSSP 3.4 was tested with OpenSSH |version 2.9p1 using the default install configuration and with |StrictHostKeyChecking no. The following must be true for |your secure remote command process to work: |

See the discussion about setting up your secure remote command environment in the book PSSP: Installation and Migration Guide. See also the dsh command in the book PSSP: Command and Technical Reference.

To use DCE or Kerberos V5, you will have to do the following before you begin to install and configure PSSP:

  1. Obtain the server software and licenses.
  2. Have AIX installed and operating on the control workstation.
  3. Have the DCE core server software installed, configured, and operational.
  4. Have the control workstation operational in the DCE cell as a client or a server.
  5. Place the DCE client software in the lppsource file on the control workstation.

The SP system installation scripts support the automatic installation and configuration of DCE clients and of the PSSP implementation of Kerberos V4 servers and clients. You are fully responsible for planning, installing, configuring, and operating any other security services software that you might choose to use.

There are many ways to use DCE, both internal and external to PSSP. Consider the following:

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