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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Software overview

The SP system software infrastructure includes:


AIX is an integrated UNIX operating environment conforming to industry standards for open systems. It provides the basic operating system functions such as the AIXwindows user interface, extended real-time support, network installation management (NIM), advanced file system support, physical disk space management, and a platform for application development and execution. AIX capabilities that some PSSP components use for system management include the following:


PSSP is a comprehensive suite of applications to manage an SP system as a full-function parallel processing system. It provides a single point of control for administrative tasks and helps increase productivity by letting administrators view, monitor, and control system operation. Most functions are base components of PSSP while others are optional: they come with PSSP, but you choose whether to install and use them. As of PSSP 3.1, the following are available as optional components:

See the book PSSP: Administration Guide for a summary of the PSSP components.

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