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Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment

Publicly available software

PSSP includes software that is publicly available:

Programmed dialogue with interactive programs

Practical Extraction and Report Language

Software Update Protocol

Tool Command Language

Tool Command Language Extended

Tcl-based Tool Kit for X-windows

This book discusses the use of these products only as they apply specifically to the RS/6000 SP system. The distribution for these products includes the source code and associated documentation. /usr/lpp/ssp/public contains the compressed tar files of the publicly available software. (IBM has made minor modifications to the versions of Tcl and Tk used in the SP system to improve their security characteristics. Therefore, the IBM-supplied versions do not match exactly the versions you may build from the compressed tar files.) All copyright notices in the documentation must be respected. You can find version and distribution information for each of these products that are part of your selected install options in the /usr/lpp/ssp/READMES/ssp.public.README file.

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