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0041 - Remote command messages for Kerberos Version 4

The AIX remote commands now support DCE, Kerberos Version 4, and Standard AIX authentication. Kerberos Version 4 is valid only on the SP system, and the following messages pertain to the Kerberos Version 4 function only. For all other messages, refer to the appropriate AIX Messages manual.

0041-002Host host_name is not registered for Kerberos V4 service.

Explanation: An rcmd service principal is not defined for the target host. You specified one of the following:

User Response: This problem may require the attention of the system administrator and may be a user error, since Kerberos authenticated remote commands can only be used between hosts with PSSP authenticated services installed (fileset ssp.clients) and configured (using setup_authent).

Ensure that the adapter information for the new interface has been added to the SDR and that the node is customized. You can run setup_authent on the target workstation, but tickets for remote services on the workstation will have to be reacquired. If the problem persists, record the above information and contact the IBM Support Center.

0041-003No tickets file found. You need to run k4init.

Explanation: The user does not have a ticket required to use authenticated services.

User Response: If you issued either the rsh, rcp, or dsh command (or any other program that requires you to k4init prior to running it), issue the k4init command to obtain a ticket and try running the failing program again. If the message occurred when running a script that obtains a ticket using an rcmdtgt command, which failed, contact the IBM Support Center.

0041-004Kerberos V4 rcmd was unsuccessful: error_sentence_from_kerberos_library call.

Explanation: The remote command did not succeed for the reason listed.

User Response: The system administrator should check the authentication environment, referring to the information for the Kerberos V4 error message.

0041-005Kerberos V4 rsh or rcp was not successful: error_sentence_from_kerberos_library_call.

Explanation: The Kerberos V4 krb_recvauth call did not succeed. Could not get the data to authenticate.

User Response: The system administrator should check that Kerberos V4 authentication is working properly and all principals and keys are in the Kerberos V4 database. If it cannot be corrected, call the IBM Support Center.

0041-006Remote to remote copies are restricted in SP.

Explanation: The PSSP remote command, rcp, has a restriction on remote-to-remote copying of a file. You cannot issue the command on host A to copy a file on host B to host C.

User Response: Login one of the hosts and do a local-to-remote copy or remote-to-local copy.

0041-007kshell/tcp: Unknown service.

Explanation: The kshell service was not found.

User Response: Verify that the kshell entries in the /etc/services and /etc/inetd.c files exists.

0041-009A Kerberos V4 realm is required for the --k flag.

Explanation: The user needs to input a Kerberos V4 realm with this flag.

User Response: Run rsh again with the correct inputs.

0041-010Cannot import nflag or options variable.

Explanation: AIX rsh imports the nflag and options variable which spk4rsh in libspk4rcmd.a requires.

User Response: Verify that the correct Problem Management Report has been installed and contact the IBM Support Center.

0041-011Kerberos V4 rcmd was unsuccessful: error information from Kerberos library call.

Explanation: The remote command was not successful for the reasons listed.

User Response: The system administrator should check the Kerberos V4 environment.

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