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Managing Shared Disks

Startup time

When you start up your SP system, the IBM Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk component does the following:

The rvsd subsystem actively manages all configured virtual shared disks. The recovery scripts invoke the preparevsd, resumevsd, suspendvsd, stopvsd, varyonvg, and varyoffvg commands asynchronously and automatically in the background as virtual shared disk server nodes become active or fail.

If you have any script that issues any virtual shared disk command, you should disable it so it does not interfere with rvsd recovery. Do not issue any commands that change the state of virtual shared disks.

The commands you must not issue when the rvsd subsystem is running are:



  1. In order for the rvsd subsystem to be activated, there must be a quorum.

  2. After you install your system, you can start the IBM Virtual Shared Disk and IBM Recoverable Virtual Shared Disk components with the ha_vsd reset command. See the ha_vsd reference page in the book PSSP: Command and Technical Reference, for the command syntax.

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