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Managing Shared Disks

Designating nodes as IBM Virtual Shared Disk nodes

When you do this, you are actually entering information about your nodes into the SDR. To enter, display, or change the setup information that is required for each node that is to either have or use virtual shared disks:

That opens a dialog window where you can enter pertinent information. The following information must be entered before you can create virtual shared disks or hashed shared disks:

You can display and change some virtual shared disk node attributes which are kept in the SDR from the Node Attributes page of the Properties notebook at any time. You must reconfigure the virtual shared disk on the node before the changes take effect, however.

For more information about these options, see the full description of the action Designate as a VSD Node... in the online help or see the vsdnode command in the book PSSP: Command and Technical Reference.

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