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Installation and Migration Guide

|Chapter 4. Migrating the software on your RS/6000 SP system

This chapter describes how you can migrate your system to |PSSP 3.4 and your target level of AIX. At the time this manual was published, |PSSP 3.4 was supported on AIX 4.3.3 |and AIX 5L 5.1. Depending on the present level of your system, there may be a recommended minimum PTF level. Refer to the READ THIS FIRST document for information on required AIX file sets, PTFs, and for any additional AIX levels that |PSSP 3.4 may support.

Migrating your control workstation and nodes is a complex task. Thorough planning should be completed prior to attempting to migrate your SP to a new level of AIX and PSSP. The best technique for simplifying the complexity of the task is to divide the migration of your SP system into smaller steps, where you verify that each step was successfully completed before proceeding to the next step. This technique of simplifying the complexity of the task helps to ensure the successful completion of your migration, or if necessary, allows you to recover from unexpected problems should they arise.

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