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Resolving port number conflicts

|It may be the case when the availability infrastructure subsystems |are configured, that you do not know if the subsystem you intend to install |later is also using port numbers in the range 10000 through 10100. You |do not reserve these port numbers, which leads to a conflict at a later |time. If the subsystem cannot be configured to use a different port |number, the port numbers used by the availability infrastructure subsystems |can be reallocated to avoid any conflict. Use the following |procedure:

  1. |Execute the following commands on each node, in the order listed:
    |haemctrl -c
    |hagsctrl -c
    |hatsctrl -c
  2. |Execute the following commands on the control workstation in each system |partition, in the order listed:
    |haemctrl -u
    |hagsctrl -u
    |hatsctrl -u

    |The -u flag is the same as the -c flag of |these scripts with the addition of removing the subsystem's port numbers |from the SDR.

    |Caution: Steps 1 and 2 must execute successfully before |proceeding.

  3. |Reserve the port numbers needed by your subsystem.
  4. |Issue the following commands, first on the control workstation in each |system partition and then on each node, in the order listed:
    |hatsctrl -a
    |hatsctrl -s
    |hagsctrl -a
    |hagsctrl -s
    |haemctrl -a
    |haemctrl -s

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