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Diagnosis Guide

Error information

Obtain the following information relative to the failure:

  1. NIM Configuration Information

    Issue this command on the boot/install server of the failing node:

     lsnim -l
  2. SDR Configuration Information

    Issue these commands:

  3. Record all relevant error information, messages, and symptoms.
  4. Node LED/LCD indicators are error status codes. They are located on the node's LED/LCD if the node has one. If not, use the SP Hardware Perspective and go to the node notebook to see its LED/LCD code. For LED/LCD values not issued by PSSP, see Other LED/LCD codes.

    Many LED/LCD's are displayed as status during the node installation. You should be concerned only when a LED/LCD value is displayed for an extended period of time. Refer to the rest of this section for common LED/LCD failures and to the hardware documentation for additional values. NIM LED/LCD values are all in the range of 600 through 699. Status LED/LCD's have even-numbered values, error LED/LCD's have odd-numbered values.

  5. Error messages from the setup_server command.

    These are errors encountered while configuring the NIM environment. They appear on the boot/install server. This is the stderr output of the setup_server command. Any messages that require user action will be stated as errors as opposed to the normal status messages.

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