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Accessing PSSP documentation online

On the same medium as the PSSP product code, IBM ships PSSP man pages, HTML files, and PDF files. In order to use these publications, you must first install the file set.

To view the PSSP HTML publications, you need access to an HTML document browser such as Netscape. The HTML files and an index that links to them are installed in the /usr/lpp/ssp/html directory. Once installed, you can also view the HTML files from the RS/6000 SP Resource Center.

If you have installed the SP Resource Center on your SP system, you can access it by entering the /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/resource_center command. If you have the SP Resource Center on CD-ROM, see the readme.txt file for information about how to run it.

To view the PSSP PDF publications, you need access to the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader is shipped with the AIX Bonus Pack and is also freely available for downloading from the Adobe Web site at:

To successfully print a large PDF file (approximately 300 or more pages) from the Adobe Acrobat reader, you may need to select the "Download Fonts Once" button on the Print window.

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