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Diagnosis Guide

Error conditions and performance considerations

When a checkstop or machine check occurs, it is indicated by an LCD of 4B2xxx01, 4B2xxx02 or 4B2xxx10, where xxx is:

Firmware routines are automatically invoked, which result in one of two new AIX error log entries:

Error data is encoded within these logs in accordance with the RPA architecture. Run the Error Log Analysis (ELA) to get AIX to process the error log data.

During boot, a processor may fail diagnostic tests and be deleted from the system. This could cause a decrease in the node's performance. When this occurs, an AIX error log entry is written.

If the node chkstops, you may not be able to reboot the node and run ELA. In this case, refer to RS/6000 SP: SMP Thin and Wide Node Service Guide.

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