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Using SystemGuard and BUMP programs

SystemGuard is a collection of firmware programs that run on the bringup microprocessor (BUMP). SystemGuard and BUMP provide service processor capability. They enable the operator to manage power supplies, check system hardware status, update various configuration parameters, investigate problems, and perform tests.

The BUMP controls the system when the power is off or the AIX operating system is stopped. The BUMP releases control of the system to AIX after it is loaded. If AIX stops or is shut down, the BUMP again controls the system.

To activate SystemGuard, the key mode switch must be in the service position during the standby or init phases. The standby phase is any time the system power is off. The init phase is the time when the system is being initialized. The PSSP software utilizes SystemGuard IPL flags such as the FAST IPL default. The following example shows how to modify the FAST IPL flag.

  1. Open two windows: one for invoking hmcmds and one for the s1term tty console for the 604 or 604e High Node.
  2. Invoke hmcmds to power off the node and set the key switch to service:
    hmcmds -G off frame:node
    hmcmds -G service frame:node
  3. Open the tty console in write mode for the target 604 or 604e High Node:

    s1term -G -w frame:node


    spmon -o node_number
  4. Working with the tty console, press <Enter> and make sure that the BUMP prompt (>) appears in the window. Invoke sbb in the tty console to bring up the Stand-By Menu.
  5. Select 1 to check the current flag settings on the tty console.
  6. If the flag setting for FAST IPL is disabled, enter 5 to change the value from disabled to enabled
  7. Press x a few times to exit out of Stand-By menu on tty console and close the console.
  8. Invoke hmcmds to power on the 604 High Node and set the key switch to Normal:
    hmcmds -G on frame:node
    hmcmds -G normal frame:node
  9. The 604 or 604e High Node will now initialize through the BUMP interface, and will IPL the node using the FAST IPL, bypassing the low-level BUMP diagnostics.

For more information about SystemGuard and BUMP, see the headings "Using the 604 or 604e High Node BUMP menus" and "SystemGuard maintenance Menu access" of Chapter 3, "Service Procedures" in RS/6000 SP: 604 and 604e SMP High Node Service Guide.

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