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Error information

File Collections creates two log files. These files exist only on the nodes and, if configured, any boot/install servers. The files exist on each local host and are not consolidated in any way. These log files are:

A directory, /var/sysman/logs, is created but no longer used.

File Collections creates a status file on the server hosts where the supfilesrv daemon runs. The status file contains the pid number of the supfilesrv daemon. The file is named: /var/sysman/sup/

If you are using the supper command from the command line and are also logging the output, be aware that you can cause an overwrite of a previous log. This is done by issuing the supper command multiple times within one minute. You will see only the information produced by the last command.

Displayed and logged information is taken from catalogs and may be translated. In order for these logs to be readable by a system administrator, it is recommended that either the English locale or the SP administrative locale be used.

To determine the SP administrative locale, issue this command:

splstdata -e

and look for the admin_locale value.

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