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Objects relating to optional system management services

These are objects relating to Optional System Management Services that are tested on all SP nodes and the control workstation.

Table 74. Optional system management objects tested by SYSMAN_test

Object Verification
/etc/ntp.conf Exists, content matches config option
xntpd daemon Running or not
supfilesrv daemon Running or not
crontab Set for filec updates or not
/etc/inittab Set up for filec or not
/etc/services Set up for filec or not
supman User defined for filec or not
Predefined file collections Exist or not
Admin SMIT stanzas Installed in ODM or not
Svcs.daemons Contains entries for selected options
Automounter maps In user.admin if automounter used
Automount Daemon running or not
sp_passwd Linked from /bin/passwd or not
pmswitch Links from print commands or not
Print id Defined and in password file or not
pmbec Permissions set appropriately if exists
acct Directories and files set up or not
crontab Accounting entries added or not
Jobcharge File matches SDR attribute if required
/etc/exports Mount and root access for acct master if required

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