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Requisite function

This is a list of the software directly used by the EM component of RSCT. Problems within the requisite software may manifest themselves as error symptoms in Event Management. If you perform all the diagnostic routines and error responses listed in this chapter, and still have problems with the EM component of RSCT, you should consider these components as possible sources of the error. They are listed with the most likely candidate first, least likely candidate last.

  1. Group Services (GS)

    Event Management uses the Group Services facility for peer coordination through the ha_em_peers group. Event Management also subscribes to the HostMembership and AdapterMembership internal groups in Group Services. If Group Services is not running, Event Management hangs waiting for GS to resume.

  2. Reliable Messages Passing Library (Topology Services)

    Event Management uses the Reliable Message Passing Library to send and receive messages between EM daemons. This library is based on the Network Connectivity Table (NCT) provided by Topology Services.

  3. System Performance Measurement Interface (SPMI)

    The RMAPI and the haemaixos subsystem (part of the EM subsystem) use the SPMI library shipped with AIX as part of the file set (/usr/lib/libSpmi.a). The SPMI library is used to access AIX resource data.

  4. System Data Repository (SDR)

    Event Management uses the SDR to store configuration information, such as the EMCDB (Event Management Configuration Database) file, the version number for the EMCDB, and the EM classes for resource variables and resource monitor definitions. It also uses the SDR for initialization, specifically to obtain the system partition name (domain). Event Management also uses the switch_responds class in the SDR to create the instances of the IBM.PSSP.Response.Switch.state resource variable.

  5. SP System Security Services

    Principal and group names for DCE entities use the default SP chosen names. These may not be the actual names on the system if you have overridden them using the spsec_overrides file.

  6. /var

    Event Management uses the /var file system to store runtime and log information. Runtime information (along with any core dump) is located in /var/ha/run/haem.syspar and log information is located in /var/ha/log. It also maintains UNIX domain sockets in the /var/ha/soc and /var/ha/soc/haem directories.

  7. /etc

    Event Management stores configuration information in /etc/ha/cfg.

  8. TCP/IP Sockets

    Event Management includes socket information in /etc/services. Event Management accepts two possible remote connections. The peers communication is done through a UDP port defined in the Syspar_ports SDR class. Event Management also supports remote client connections on the control workstation for inter-domain communication. It uses a TCP/IP port specified in the SP_ports SDR class.

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