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|Changing an HMC IP address or host name

|Changing an IP address or host name on your Hardware Management Console |(HMC) requires changes to the control workstation. Do the |following: |

  1. |Change the IP address or host name on the HMC. See the |Hardware System Console Operations Guide for customizing the |network settings on the HMC.
  2. |To stop the hardmon daemon, on the control workstation run the |command:
    |/bin/stopsrc -s hardmon
  3. |Update any control workstation files that are associated with host name |resolution. The files are /etc/hosts, |/etc/resolv.conf (DNS) and /var/yp/* |(NIS).
  4. |Delete all HMC communication control information associated with the old |IP address:
    |/usr/lpp/ssp/bin/spdelhmcid old_IP_address
  5. |Create a new HMC communication control file for the new HMC IP |address:
    |/usr/lpp/ssp/bin/sphmcid new_IP_address HMC_userid

    |You will be prompted for the HMC_userid password.

  6. |Change the IP address information in the SDR Frame class for all servers |that are controlled by this HMC. Run the following command once for |each frame that references the old HMC IP address:
    |/usr/lpp/ssp/bin/spframe -r no -p HMC -i new_IP_address -d server_name frame_number
  7. |Restart the hardmon daemon:
    |/bin/startsrc -s hardmon

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