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Components on which Topology Services depends

The Topology Services subsystem depends on the following components:

System Resource Controller (SRC)
An AIX feature that can be used to define and control subsystems. The Topology Services subsystem is called hats on SP nodes and is called hats.syspar_name on the control workstation, where syspar_name is the name of a system partition. The subsystem name is used with the SRC commands (for example, startsrc and lssrc).

System Data Repository (SDR)
A repository of SP system configuration information.

UDP/IP and UNIX-domain socket communication
Topology Services daemons communicate with each other using the UDP/IP feature of AIX. Topology Service daemons communicate with client applications |and NIMs using UNIX-domain sockets. |

|Network adapters (using UDP/IP communication)
|Topology Services will form heartbeat rings on the network.

SP Security Services library and DCE security
The Topology Services subsystem uses the SP Security Services library when it is operating in a DCE security environment.

First Failure Data Capture (FFDC)
When the Topology Services subsystem encounters events that require system administrator attention, it uses the FFDC facility of the RSCT software to generate entries in an AIX error log.

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