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Customizing HACMP

To customize HACMP, follow the basic steps for configuring a two-node rotating configuration with nonconcurrent access in the AIX High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing Installation Guide.

Configuring resources

When you get to the configuring resources step in the HACMP installation procedure, you need to define a resource group name. For an HACWS configuration, you must name the resource group hacws_group1. To define event scripts to handle failovers for HACWS configuration, the name of the resource group needs to be known. The HACWS configuration will not fail over if the hacws_group1 resource group name is not used.

HACMP event processing

The HACWS software supplies HACMP pre- and post-event scripts for all HACMP events. These supplied pre- and post-event scripts are used to customize the HACMP configuration for HACWS. To permit you to add your own pre- and post-event scripts, HACWS software provides for pre- and post-event scripts in each pre- and post-event script that is supplied by HACWS. The following flow describes when the pre- and post-event scripts are called.

Figure 39. HACWS pre- and post-events

View figure.

The pre- and post-event scripts supplied with HACWS function are located in the /usr/sbin/hacws directory. These scripts are defined to HACMP with the spcw_addevents command. Do not modify these scripts. These scripts are generic and will call the scripts supplied with HACWS (found in /usr/sbin/hacws/events) on a per event basis. Do not modify the per event scripts.

You may provide additional pre- and post-event scripts to be called by the pre- and post-event scripts supplied with HACWS. The additional scripts you provide must be located in the /var/adm/hacws/events directory.

Name the scripts you supply following this naming convention:


event_name is the HACMP event name and pre_pre_event is the name for a pre-event script for an HACMP pre-event script. This naming convention extends to having post_pre, pre_post and post_post event scripts.

To enable the execution of event scripts, place the scripts in the proper directories and turn on the execution mode bits using the chmod command.

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