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The PSSP software is a comprehensive suite of applications to manage an SP system as a full-function parallel processing system. It provides a single point of control for administrative tasks and helps increase productivity by letting administrators view, monitor, and control how the system operates. The PSSP software is discussed in terms of functional entities called components of PSSP. Most functions are base components of PSSP while others are optional; they come with PSSP, but you choose whether to install and use them.


The components of PSSP are summarized and introduced in this section.


  1. If you are running mixed levels of the PSSP software, be sure to keep and use the respective documentation for each version of PSSP you are running.

  2. There is some information on tuning, such as setting initial tuning parameters or reviewing sample tuning files, in the book PSSP: Installation and Migration Guide. Other tuning information that used to be in this book (PSSP Administration Guide) is now available at the Web address

The SP Resource Center

The SP Resource Center provides one simple interface for all softcopy SP documentation and information resources. It consists of HTML, Java, and Javascript files and works with a Web browser. The Resource Center provides access to a variety of information including publications, README files, Redbooks, White Papers, program information, as well as up-to-date service information.


The Network Installation Management (NIM) environment supports the installation of AIX 4.2.1 and later versions on nodes.

Configuration management

Node configuration data is entered into the System Data Repository (SDR) using SMIT or line commands. The SDR provides storage and retrieval of system data across the control workstation, file servers, and nodes.



The following are available to help you operate and manage your SP system:

File management

Groups of files can be defined as a file collection and any changes to files in that collection are propagated to the appropriate nodes.

Virtual shared disk management

The PSSP components that help you create and manage virtual shared disks are:

These components are explained in the book PSSP: Managing Shared Disks.

SP user management

Job management

As of PSSP 3.1, the SP job management function has been integrated into the IBM LoadLeveler licensed program.


Accounting support provides accounting record consolidation and parallel job accounting.

Change management

Communication subsystem support

The Communication Subsystem (ssp.css) supports the reliability and performance of the SP switch network.

Availability and problem management


The PSSP software is packaged as several installp images. Each image contains one or more file sets. For complete information on these images and the file sets that each image contains, see the book PSSP: Installation and Migration Guide or the File Set List for PSSP table in the book IBM RS/6000 SP: Planning Volume 2, Control Workstation and Software Environment.

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