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Starting the switch

After all the processor nodes are running, you can start the switch using the following procedure:

  1. Check that all processor nodes are running (hostResponds indicator).
  2. To start the switch, do the following:
    1. The fault-handling daemon for the SP Switch (fault_service_Worm_RTG_SP) or for the SP Switch2 (fault_service_Worm_CS), which checks, initializes, and prepares the switch for operation, must be running on the primary node. If the daemon is not running, use the rc.switch command to start the daemon.
    2. On the control workstation, run the Estart command.

      |In a two-plane SP Switch2 configuration, the command can run for |both switch planes or you can specify a specific switch plane by using the |-p flag.

      When Estart finishes, it sends a message similar to the following, verifying that it completed:

      Switch initialization started on
      Initialization successful for 16 nodes
      Switch initialization completed
    3. If the switch initialization process encounters any problems, other messages might appear. If that happens, see the book PSSP: Diagnosis Guide and resolve any errors.

See the book PSSP: Command and Technical Reference for more information on the Estart command.

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