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Aptiva - 2144/2168 Recovery diskette for Mxx models preloaded with Windows 95

Applicable to: United States


Recovery Diskette For Use With 2144/2168-Mxx Models Preloaded with Windows 95. This diskette solves the "Not Enough Disk Space" error after adding 3.24GB hard drive and when trying to restore the original preload on (2144/2168) Mxx systems


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W95US1Q1.EXE : 780206


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Backup any needed data from original hard drive; remove old hard drive; replace with new drive; do a recovery and restore the data:

User needs appropriate backup utility and media, new 3.24 GB drive and the updated Windows 95 Recovery diskette from IBM.

1. Backup any needed data from the original hard drive.
2. Replace the old Recovery Diskette with the new one.
3. Remove existing hard drive and replace with new 3.24 GB drive.
4. Customer must FDISK the drive to create a Primary DOS partition of 2.0 GB.
5. Extended DOS partition of 1.0 GB logical drive.
6. Run Recovery Diskette.
7. Restore Backup.

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Windows 95, Installation/Removal

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IBM Aptiva

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2144, 2168


3R4; 3R6; 4R1; 4R9; M31; M51; M52; M63; 2R9; 3R1; 3R3; 3R5; 3R7; 3R9; 4R0; 4R2; 4R3; M41; M53; M55; M56; M57; M61; M62; M71; M72


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