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Aptiva - Australian Updates for Modem Software and Ring Central Registration

Applicable to: Australia


Modem Update:

On Australian systems, models 2161-E64/E84 and 2162-Q81/Q91, the modem does not function correctly for outgoing speakerphone calls. There may be up to a 10 second delay before conversation can proceed after dialing a call. When an outgoing call is placed by an Aptiva user, the person being called will
not be able to hear the Aptiva user for up to 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, conversation may proceed normally. The Aptiva user is able to hear the person being called at all times. Apply the contents of AUSUPDAT.EXE. After a diskette is produced from AUSUPDAT.EXE, boot the system from the diskette produced. The modem driver files will automatically be updated. Please refer to AUSUPD1.TXT.

Ring Central Registration Update:

When an Australian user tries to register Ring Central online, the registration fails. Failure of registration on Australian 2161-E64/84 and 2162-Q81/91 systems. Registration is not necessary or desirable for this product. Apply the contents of AUSUPDAT.EXE. After a diskette is produced from AUSUPDAT.EXE, boot the system from the diskette produced. Ring Central will automatically be updated. Please refer to AUSUPD2.TXT.


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The AUSUPDAT.EXE diskette contains modem and RingCentral software updates, suitable only for Australian Aptiva models, 2161-E64, 2161-E84 and 2162-Q81, 2162-Q91.

To apply the fixes to your system, perform the following:

1. Shutdown your Aptiva using the Windows 95 Start Menu. (Start |Shutdown |Shutdown the Computer )

2. After the computer has powered-off, insert the AUSUPDAT diskette in drive a:

3. Power-on the computer.

4. The computer will boot from the AUSUPDAT diskette.

5. You will be prompted with the following message:
"This diskette is about to update the modem drivers and RingCentral files on your system. If you do not want this to happen, remove the diskette and reboot your system. Press any key to continue."

6. Press ctl-c if you do not want to update any other key to continue.

7. When the program has finished, remove the diskette, and power-off the machine.

8. Power-on the machine and allow Windows 95 to start, the update process is complete.

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