DCS AIX Installation Guide

2.0: AIX Version 1.3 for PS/2 Installation

Moving from AIX 1.2 to AIX 1.3 requires a reinstallation of the base operating system. It is not a simple upgrade. Make sure that you have backed up your user data to diskette or to another system before you reinstall your own system. There is a way to reinstall without harming your /u data, but sometimes mistakes happen in an installation and backups are always a good idea prior to a reinstallation.

For detailed information on how to install and customize the AIX operating system, please refer to:

Installing and Customizing the Operating System for PS/2 ver 1.2.1 SC23-2290-01

You should have this book available for any items not covered in these instructions.

Note: It is your responsibility to order the licenses for all the software that you install on your PS/2.

Please see the AIXPS2 FEATURES file on the NERAIX disk for the feature codes to use for VMFORMS. You only want to order the licenses, not the media. :

Note: AIXWindow configuration files, such as .Xdefaults and .mwmrc, that were used for AIX 1.2.1 may not function with 1.3. You should use service to copy new configuration files to your userid under 1.3.