The History of OS/2

I have started using OS/2 in 1995 and was curious to find out what OS/2 looked like before that. There are already several web pages/sites dedicated to the history of OS/2 but none of them quite satisfied me. So I started digging on my own, reading old books and magazine articles, searching for information on the Internet and last but not least managed to install most of the previous versions of OS/2. The results of my efforts are presented here.

The information is split into several sections. Most of this information has been originally published in the OS/2 VOICE Newsletter, although these pages contain several additions and corrections.

Not strictly OS/2 history, but closely related:
The more important releases in OS/2 are summarized in this timeline.

I'm not sure if I will write anything about Warp 4 (or newer versions) because they are still widely used, i.e. not really history. Maybe I will if there's sufficient interest.

I would like to create another page on beta versions of OS/2 but I'd like to get MS OS/2 2.0 beta from 1989 or 1990 first. If you know where I could get a copy, please let me know! I can be reached via e-mail, my address is mnecasek at yahoo dot com.

Here can be found a list of "exhibits" in my little OS/2 museum. Descriptions only, no pictures yet - apart from the screenhots in the above articles of course.