OS/2 Museum

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who donated the old junk cluttering their attics to my museum! I'm always looking for more so you still have chance to donate! And I'm willing to part with a few bucks for your effort too.

More in an attempt to catalog my collection than to showcase it, I have compiled a list of my ancient OS/2 related software complete with short descriptions. The "exhibits" are roughly sorted by release date and split into several sections. No software newer than 1995 that I own is listed here.

Original software

These are software packages, complete or incomplete, which I own in their original form. Where an exhibit was donated (as opposed to bought by me), name of the donor is noted.


My library is now large enough to deserve its own page.


Software I only have in "softcopy", in almost all cases as floppy images.

OS/2 Compilers

Being a programmer I have natural interest in compilers. I have managed to obtain an almost complete collection of all OS/2 C and C++ compilers that ever existed, toghether with  miscellaneous other language compilers as well. They're mostly "softcopy" only.
OS/2 1.x (16-bit) compilers
All these compilers support DOS development as well.
OS/2 2.x (32-bit) compilers
This list is not entirely complete.