DLT.TXT (07-Dec-1998)



  1.  Running MSDOS Operating System (version 5.0 or later)
  2.  You must make sure that you have a SCSI host adapter compatible with ASPI DOS (ex. Adaptec 1540 Adapter)
  3.  DLT Tape drive hooked up.
  4.  DLTtools is a MS-DOS 16bit executable program that is intended to run under MSDOS O/S.

Down load DLT.EXE from the website to a diskette.

Take to the system that has the DLT4000 or DLT7000 tape drive.

Expand DLT.EXE as follows:

A:\>DLT C:

Then do the following to set up DLTtools on your system.

Run DLT.bat.

This will create a directory called "DLTTOOLS" and then it will expand all the files from DLTT413.EXE into the "DLTTOOLS" directory.

Then Edit the "AUTOEXEC.BAT" file adding the following to the path.


Update the "AUTOEXEC.BAT" file and then reboot system.

Once the system has been rebooted then you can run "DLTtools" just by typing the following:

c:\> dlttools <cr>

The first screen you will see is the Disclamer screen, press ESC to continue.

SELECT HOST ADAPTOR scree will appear, choose adaptor with DLT drive, the press OK.
DEVICE SELECTION screen appears, select DLT drive, the press OK.
SET GLOBAL PROTECTION scree will appear, remove X from protection option, then press OK.

Select Function pull-down window.
Select Update pull-down window.
Select Load Firmware window.
LOAD FILE screen will appear.
Select appropriate Firmware File (either D4V115.41 for DLT4000 or D7OEM1.V72 for DLT7000), then press OK.

Update takes about 10 minutes.

********************* NOTE ************************

While Drive UPDATE is in progress, please wait...


Lights will flash (Write Protected & Tape In Use) while updating.
Drive will beep and the Operate Handel light will come on when the UPDATE is completed.

INFORMATION scree will appear, saying "Firmware updated successfully", press OK.

Select Setup pull-down window.
Select Exit, This will take you back to DOS.


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