ECA012: 1.12GB, 2.25GB Hard Drive Replacement (Updated)

Subject: ECA012: 1.12GB, 2.25GB Hard Drive Replacement (Updated)
Updated PC Server / Netfinity server RETAIN ECA012 : 

     Record number:       H161379
     Device:              D/T8640         Service code:      33
     ECA number:          ECA012          Parts source:      LOC
     EC number:           EC000000        Publish flag:      R
     Mandatory:           N               Hit count:         UHC00461
     Automatic shipment:  N               Success count:     USC0000
     Availability date:   97/10           Publication code:  PC50
     Plant of control:    23              Date created:      O97/10/13
     Tip key:                             Date last altered: A98/06/29
                                          Owning B.U.:       USA

Abstract: ECA012: 1.12GB, 2.25GB Hard Drive Replacement


This ECA provides for the replacement of some SCSI 1.12GB and 2.25GB hard drives in IBM PC Server 300, 320, 325, 330, 500, 520, and 720 systems or in a type 3518 external enclosure connected to these IBM PC Servers.
The affected Hard Drives may experience read/write errors which could cause defunct drive(s) (DDD).

See RETAIN records H131887 and H133326 for related information on defunct drives.

** EMEA version of H133326 is H044218 **

This ECA expires 1/23/02.


   Type,                  Machines Affected
   Model,   With          and/or Feature/Device     B/M to be    Service  System
   Stage    B/M           Description               Installed    Hours    Hours
   8640     B/M0000000    PC SERVER SYSTEMS         B/M0000000   01.5     01.3
   8641     B/M0000000    WITH HARD DRIVES          B/M0000000   01.5     01.3
   8642     B/M0000000    IDENTIFIED BY THE         B/M0000000   01.5     01.3
                          HARD DRIVE  IDENTIFY
                          UTILITY DISKETTE
                          ****EMEA FIX TIMES****
                          0.8HRS TRAVEL PER SITE
                          2.0HRS FILE REPLACE


Some of the following hard drives are eligible for this ECA:

Only those hard drives identified by the IBM Hard Disk Drive Identify Utility Diskette are to be replaced.

Warm Boot (<Ctrl> <Alt> <Del>) the IBM Hard Drive Identify Utility Diskette (V2.10) available on the IBM PC Company BBS/WEB; the utility will report the SCSI ID(s) of the hard drives that need to be replaced.

NOTE: It is important to Warm Boot the diskette as disk drive logs are analyzed by the utility diskette.



ECA022, Retain record # H164048

The "IBM Hard Disk Drive Identify Utility Diskette" ver. 2.10 or higher will prompt (at completion ) for the "PC Server and Netfinity 4.5GB-9.1GB Hard Drive Update Diskette V1.03"


  1.  Before going on-site, download the following diskettes:

     The diskette images are available on the IBM PC Company BBS at 919-517-0001  or via the internet at the following URL:

  2.  Read and understand the detailed instructions in the README files  of both diskettes before going on-site.
  3.  Ensure that the customer has a current backup of all data.
  4.  Follow the detailed instructions in the README file.
  5.  Warm Boot (<Ctrl> <Alt> <Del> the Hard Disk Drive Identify Utility Diskette.
  6.  If hard drives need to be replaced, order the correct ECA012 drive/tray assembly using Code "B":

     02K0300 - 2.25GB Hot-Swap Drive in type II tray assembly, (type II tray has a single green light pipe LED only)

     02K0302 - 2.25GB Hot-Swap Drive in type III tray assembly, (type III tray has two(2) LEDs (green and amber)  and a power-off button)

    NOTE: If Code "B" is not used, the orders will be rejected.

    NOTE: The replacement drives are all 2.25GB and are assembled in hot swap trays.  Order the correct drive/tray assembly.

    NOTE: The type 3518 enclosure supports only the type III tray/drive assembly (FRU P/N 02k0300).

    NOTE: For PC Servers without Hot-Swap disk drives, order the type II tray/drive assembly  (FRU P/N 02K0300), remove the tray and interposer, and install the jumper from the old drive.

  7.  If disk drives do not need replacing, remove the diskette,  reboot the server, and exit this procedure. Notify the customer about the IBM White Papers which discuss  Synchronization and preventative maintenance like "Data Scrubbing" for RAID systems.  These IBM White Papers are available from the following IBM sources:

  8.  If the Hard Disk Drive Identify Diskette identifies disk drives to be replaced  AND a ServeRAID Adapter is installed, read the important information below before replacing any disk drives.

        |Important:  RAID-5 Servers with the IBM PC ServeRAID Adapter: |
        |                                                              |
        |If a customer with a ServeRAID RAID-5 array did not           |
        |synchronize or is NOT sure if synchronization was performed on|
        |a RAID-5 array, prior to the installation of software or data |
        |to the hard drives, read the note below.                      |
        |                                                              |
        |If synchronization was performed prior to installation, it is |
        |NOT necessary to run the Synch/Verify Utility noted below.    |
        |                                                              |
        |Note:                                                         |
        |Before shutting down the Server and before replacing any hard |
        |drives in a RAID-5 Array on a Server with the IBM ServeRAID   |
        |Adapter FRU P/N06H9334, FRU P/N76H6875, or FRU P/N76H3587, run|
        |the SYNCV1 Utility on the IBM PC ServeRAID Synch Verify Update|
        |Diskette to determine if synchronization was performed when   |
        |the Server was first installed.                               |
        |                                                              |
        |The SYNCV1 Utility is run while the Server is up and running; |
        |it may take 15 minutes to 2 hours to complete depending on the|
        |size of the RAID arrays.  Schedule the SYNCV1 during off-peak |
        |hours to minimize the impact on system performance.           |
        |                                                              |
        |If the Synch/Verify (SYNCV1) determines that one or more      |
        |RAID-5 logical drives may not be synchronized, then downtime  |
        |must be scheduled to synchronize with the SYNCV2 Tool.        |
        |                                                              |
        |The SYNCV2 tool will also report the existence of media errors|
        |if they exist.  By using the SYNCV1 and SYNCV2 tools, media   |
        |errors can be analyzed and data integrity issues can be       |
        |identified.                                                   |
        |Once RAID-5 logical drives have been synchronized, they are   |
        |synchronized for the life of the logical drive.  Future       |
        |preventative procedures such as Data Scrubbing should be      |
        |performed as outlined in RETAIN tip H134082.                  |

  9.  Place the orange dot on the old drive and return to IBM.
    NOTE: Step 9 is extremely important in order to ensure that  IBM receives credit from the vendor for these hard drives.

  10.  Place the ECA label on the rear of the Server indicating that ECA012 has been performed.

Servicers replacing 1.12GB or 2.25GB drives with this ECA should order the part numbers above which have been set up specifically for use on ECA012 ONLY.

The replacement drive(s) will ship with the following:

NOTE: For normal service activity on 1.12GB and 2.25GB hard drives, use the normal FRU part numbers.

NOTES: All parts must be ordered using Code B.

** EMEA Dealers: raise an EMERGENCY CLAIM **

This ECA will expire 01/23/2002.

IBM/TSS CEs should record all time and parts to Service Code 33, ECA012, Other Office 990.

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