SCSI BIOS Error: "SCSI Termination NOT FOUND"

Subject: SCSI BIOS Error: "SCSI Termination NOT FOUND"
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     Record number:       H163815
     Device:              D/T6898
     Model:               M
     Hit count:           UHC00029
     Success count:       USC0000
     Publication code:    PC50
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     Date created:        O98/06/01
     Date last altered:   A98/06/15
     Owning B.U.:         USA

Abstract: SCSI BIOS Error: "SCSI Termination NOT FOUND"


When booting the system, the SCSI BIOS returns the following, or similar error message:

"SCSI Termination Not Found"

The SCSI subsystem will not be enabled.


This tip applies to IBM IntelliStation M-Pro Series 6898 and Netfinity 3500 Series 8644 systems.

The "SCSI Termination Not Found" error message will manifest itself as an "out-of-box" error in new systems preconfigured for SCSI operation.

In systems preconfigured for IDE operation, the SCSI error message may not be seen until the on-board SCSI BIOS is enabled in the F1 Setup utility, and a SCSI hardfile is installed.

Planar FRU numbers exposed to this condition are P/N 93H7269 and P/N 08L0046 (for 333MHz Models).


Follow normal problem determination steps to eliminate possible SCSI adapter, SCSI cable, or SCSI hardfile errors.

If the "SCSI Termination Not Found" error persists, replace the system board with FRU P/N 08L0606.

Note: When servicing Netfinity 3500, Type 8644-1xx/2xx systems, see Retain Tip H106654 for instructions on planar replacement, and saving the CMOS configuration.

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