PC Server 704/330/325/315 may TRAP, HANG, or REBOOT

Subject: PC Server 704/330/325/315 may TRAP, HANG, or REBOOT
Updated PC Server RETAIN TIP: 


     Record number:       H13313
     Device:              D/T8650
     Model:               M
     Hit count:           UHC00103
     Success count:       USC0000
     Publication code:    PC50
     Tip key:
     Date created:        O97/06/17
     Date last altered:   A98/07/06
     Owning B.U.:         USA

Abstract: PC Server 704/330/325/315 may TRAP, HANG, or REBOOT


The PC Server intermittently traps, hangs, or reboots.


This failure has only been observed in a controlled lab environment under stress tests with elevated temperatures.

One or more of the following SIMMs/DIMMs are installed:


Use the following procedure to identify suspect SIMMs / DIMMs:

  1.  Inspect the SIMMs / DIMMs for the presence of SEC DRAM modules:

        +-----------------+    - or -    +-----------------+
        |  SEC      KOREA |              |  SEC      KOREA |
        |             ### |<- date code  |            ###Y |<- date code
        |  KM44x1610yAK-6 |              |  KM44x1610yAK-6 |
        |                 |              |                 |
        +-----------------+              +-----------------+

     x can be "V" for the 3.3v part or "C" for the 5v part.
     y can be "0" for FPM part or "4" for EDO part.

  2.  If any SEC DRAM module on the SIMM / DIMM has KM44x1610yAK-6  AND a date code (###) less than 710, replace the suspect  SIMMs / DIMMs using the FRU part numbers from above.
  3.  If SEC DRAM modules on the SIMM / DIMM have KM44x1610yAK-6  and date codes (###) of 710 and greater, then no action is necessary.
  4.  Other SEC DRAM modules regardless of date code are not suspect.
     It is highly unlikely that systems running in a normal operating  environment would experience this memory symptom. This symptom  has only been observed in a high temperature, stress-test environment.

     If the Server is not experiencing these exact symptoms, then  there is no reason to replace the SEC memory even if suspect  DRAM modules are found. Continue normal problem determination  procedures to isolate the failing application or FRU.

FRU and Option stock have been cleared.

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