PC Server 330 HANGS during NETWORK OPSYS installation

Subject: PC Server 330 HANGS during NETWORK OPSYS installation
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     Record number:       H163372
     Device:              D/T8639
     Model:               M
     Hit count:           UHC00007
     Success count:       USC0000
     Publication code:    PC50
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     Date created:        O97/09/19
     Date last altered:   A98/04/20
     Owning B.U.:         USA




Install by booting to the installation diskette(s) and insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive only when prompted to do so.

-------------------------- OR-----------------------------

  1.  Power on the server and press <F1> when prompted to start  the "Configuration/Diagnostics" utility.
  2.  Select "Configuration / Setup Utility" and press <enter>.
  3.  Select "Start Options" and press <enter>.
  4.  Select "SCSI Subsystem Control Menu" and press <enter>.
  5.  Select "SCSI Subsystem Initialization Order" then press <enter>.
  6.  Use the left/right direction keys to select  "System Adaptec, System RAID" then press <enter>  (this will set first drive connected to the onboard  Ultra Wide SCSI controller to 80h: the boot drive).
  7.  Press <Esc> two times to return to the main menu.
  8.  Select "Save Settings" then press <enter>
  9.  Press <Esc> two times, Select "Yes, exit the Setup Utility",  then press <enter>, the system will now reboot.
  10.  Upon reboot, press <Ctrl>+<A> when prompted to start  the "SCSIselect Utility".
  11.  Select "Configure/View Host Adapter Settings", press <enter>.
  12.  Select "Advanced Configuration Options", press <enter>.
  13.  Change the state of the "BIOS Support for bootable CDROM"  from "Enable" to "Disable"(select setting,press <enter>,  select Disabled, press <enter>).
  14.  Press <Esc> two times.
  15.  Select "Yes" to save changes when prompted, press <enter>.
  16.  Press <Esc>, Select "Yes" to exit the SCSISelect Utility.
  17.  Insert the Network Operating System installation diskette  into the floppy drive and the corresponding CD-ROM into the  CD-ROM drive.
  18.  Press any key to reboot and start the Network Operating  System installation.

Note: the above keystrokes were determined on a system BIOS ver. 11A and a Adaptec controller BIOS ver. 1.26S1.

Adaptec and SCSIselect are registered trademarks of Adaptec, Inc.
NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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