9595 Server fails to BOOT from the CD-ROM

Retain Record # H127337 D/T9595/8641 May-95


The system will not boot to the CD-ROM attached to the RAID Controller on 9595A (Server 95) or 8641 (Server 500).

Problem Isolation Aids
  1.  This is a RAID array system.
  2.  The CD-ROM is selected as a valid boot device in the system startup sequence.
  3.  The CD-ROM is attached to the RAID controller.

  1.  The system will not boot from the CD-ROM if the RAID array is in an inoperative state.  This prevents the RAID controller from accessing the device drivers required to support the bootable CD-ROM.

     Cold boot the RAID Support Diskette (power off, then power on with the diskette in the A drive) to bring up the RAID  Utility screens. Using normal RAID problem resolution techniques outlined in Configuring Your RAID Array  correct the  RAID setup problem (drive offline, DDD, etc.). This should free up the RAID controller and allow the CD-ROM to boot normally.  See note below.

  2.  When an IBM SCSI adapter (Non RAID Array) is added to a system which has a CD-ROM attached to a RAID controller and the  system BIOS is at versions 1,2 or 3, a firmware (BIOS) conflict prevents polling the channel for a CD-ROM attached to the RAID adapter.  Thus when POST completes, the CD-ROM attached to the RAID controller can no longer be booted (but will otherwise function normally).

A temporary work around is to move the CD-ROM to the non array SCSI adapter.

Permanent Fix
This problem has been corrected in BIOS version 5.00 which is available from the IBM PC Company Bulletin Board System (BBS) The BIOS version 5.00 Update Diskette Filename is BIOS05.DSK

NOTE A Raid Support diskette should have been created immediately upon initial system installation. If this diskette was not made, or cannot be found, contact the PC Company HelpCenter (800-772-2227) for assistance downloading or obtaining a RAID support diskette.

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