9595 or 8641 with VPD Error (187 & 188) Continuous Loop

Retain Record # H127429 D/T8641/9595 May-95

VPD Error (187 & 188) Continuous Loop (Vital Product Data)

On a 8641, 9595 or 9595A, one or more of the following errors appear after a boot from the Reference Diskette to set a feature or change an option.

01299000 VPD error processor board replaced ?
Processor board serial number does not match the serial number stored
000188XX Vital Product data error
000187XX Vital Product data. Serial number information corrupted

The error codes indicate PROCESSOR COMPLEX HAS CHANGED, VPD invalid, and CONFIGURATION invalid.
All attempts to correct the VPD data cause the system to reboot with the same series of errors, repeatedly.


  Do not change either the system board or the processor card to correct this error. The following procedure should resolve this situation.

  1.  Remove the SCSI controller (or RAID adapter)
  2.  Reboot the system using the Reference Diskette. (This will force an AUTO Configuration, but this time  will be successful.)
  3.  RE - install the SCSI Array controller and DO NOT run  AUTO Configuration, ore you'll be in the same situation.
  4.  Run Change Configuration and assure that no interrupt or other confilict exists.
  5.  Save the configuration and exit.

Note The SCSI Adapter or RAID Array controller will not auto configure out of this conflict.

Engineering is currently investigating this problem and this tip will be updated when the investigation is completed.

Alternative Method to overcome VPD CRC error #2
  1.  Create a BACKUP copy of the Reference Diskette (e.g. DISKCOPY)
  2.  Remove from this created backup the following files (if available)   @CMOS   @NVRAM   SYSCONF   CF_CFG.ADF
  3.  Remove the SCSI adapter (SCSI or RAID)
  4.  Remove (isolate) the battery and wait 10 minutes
  5.  RE - install the Battery
  6.  Insert the NEW created Reference Diskette (A: drive)
  7.  Run AUTO configure  (if you get the same VPD error then ignore this)
  8.  Install the previousely removed SCSI adapter
  9.  Run AUTO Configuration

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