HDD DCAA-34330 - DCAACHG.EXE - Cliptool-utility

IBM-OEM Harddisk - DCAA-34330 - Cliptool-utility

IBM's new DCAA-34330 4.3GB disk drive is one of the highest capacity EIDE disk drives abailable in the industry. While developing this drive, extensive quality and compatibility testing was performed in IBM's Storage Integration Test laboratories.

IBM has determined that some Operating System levels and some system BIOS versions will not support the full 4.3 GB capacity of this drive. These situations arise due to range limits for the cylinder, head and sector or LBA registers within the OS or BIOS software code.

These problems can be overcome by slightly reducing the capacity of the DCAA-34330 drive. Reducing the capacity to 4.19 or 4.22 GB will allow the drive to be properly addressed. You can download an IBM utility from


to change the capacity of your drive to 4.19 or 4.22 GB if you have an OS or BIOS capacity limitation problem.

If you upgrade your system or transfer the drive to a new system, you can restore the full capacity of your drive using this same IBM utility (In this case, you have to reinstall the O/S and applications).

This file is a self-exploding EXE file which should be executed once downloaded to create the DCAACHG.EXE capacity setting utility and (the below attached) README.TXT file which describes how to use the program. It is also available as a ZIP file requiring PKUNZIP.EXE.




The DCAACHG.EXE utility provides the means to change the capacity of the DCAA-34330 drive by modifying the number of 'logical' cylinders on the drive.

The utility runs under DOS so a DOS bootable diskette will be required to boot the system before the utility can be executed.

The following changes to drive total cylinders are possible:

  1.  8126 cylinders (CHS = 8126,16,63)
  2.  8192 cylinders (CHS = 8192,16,63)
  3.  8400 cylinders (CHS = 8400,16,63) - Ship default setting.

To execute the utility proceed as follows:
  1.  Boot the system from the DOS bootable diskette.
  2.  Insert the diskette containing the DCAACHG.EXE utility.
  3.  At the A:\ command prompt type DCAACHG & press the ENTER key.
     A menu will appear prompting you to select a drive capacity by pressing the appropriate function key:

    F1: Help Screen
    F3: Set to 4.22GB (8192 cylinders)
    F4: Set to 4.19GB (8126 cylinders)
    F5: Set to 4.33GB (8400 cylinders)

  4.  Press the required function key.
     A window will appear and the utility will detect all DCAA-34330 drives  attached to the Primary and Secondary IDE ports. This may take upto a  minute to complete.
  5.  Once the detection is complete, DCAA-34330 drives will be highlighted.  Using cursor keys and the Y/N keys select drives for capacity setting  by placing a 'Y' in the selection column.
  6.  Press the ENTER key when all selections are made.  Follow the onscreen prompts to confirm your selection by pressing  the ENTER key, or quit by pressing a Function key.
  7.  The drive capacity will be changed according to your selection.  A window will appear reporting that the update has completed  successfully & the new total cylinder number for the drives selected  will be displayed.
  8.  You can now power down the system/drive.

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