ECA 085 - 8535 / 40 system board

ECA 085 - 8535 / 40 system board


8535/8540 RIPL, OEM video card, and keyboard errors

This ECA provides a replacement system board for an 8535 or 8540 system that experience one or more of the following
  1.  OEM Network adapter card fails to remote initial program
      Load (RIPL).
  2.  Video adapter card fails to operate.
  3.  Keyboard related errors.

To qualify for replacement of the system board, the system unit must meet both of the following requirements:
  1.  System serial number must fall within the following  serial number ranges:
    1.  model 8535-040, 1. serial number 23-A0000 to 23-M9999
        2. serial number 78-TXD00 to 78-XPV99
    2.  model 8535-043, 1. serial number 23-AA000 to 23-TC999
        2. serial number 78-AAAA0 to 78-BLTG9
    3.  model 8535-24X, 1. serial number 23-TD000 to 23-ZK999
        2. serial number 78-BLTH0 to 78-CYKP9

  2.   8535 Greenock production
    1.  model 8535-040 information not available
    2.  model 8535-043 serial number below HRFD0
    3.  model 8535-24x serial number below MPXA9
    4.  model 8535-14x serial number below NYVK0


    1.  model 8540-040, 1. serial number 23-AA000 to 23-NM999
        2. serial number 78-NM000 to 78-PM999
    2.  model 8540-043, 1. serial number 23-AAA00 to 23-LGX99
        2. serial number 78-YMKW0 to 78-ZFFY9
    3.  model 8540-045, 1. serial number 23-AAAA0 to 23-LYDX9
        2. serial number 78-XBX00 to 78-YDG99

  3.   8540 Greenock production
    1.  model 8540-043 serial number below MAAHL
    2.  model 8540-045 serial number below MLL41

  4.   ************************ and ***********************
  5.  system board FRU part number must be P/N 85F0077 or   P/N 92F0108.

Systems with serial numbers or system board FRU part numbers that are not listed above are not exposed to this problem and are not eligible for this ECA:.

A limited number of 8535 and 8540 systems may experience one or more of the following failures:

  1.  Failure to RIPL with an OEM Network card.
  2.  When an OEM video adapter is installed, the monitor attached  to the video adapter may display unintelligible video patterns  or remain completely blank.
  3.  Various keyboard related failures that are not resolved with  a keyboard replacement.

In all three cases above, if the system unit meets all of the requirements called out in the "physical check" section of this ECA:, the system board will be replaced free of charge.

Alternate method to determine affected systems without removing the system cover is as follows:

determine system BIOS date:
- at the c:> type "BASIC" and press "ENTER".
- at the "OK" type the following line exactly as shown.
def seg=-1:for x=5 to 12:print CHR$(PEEK(x));:next
- press "ENTER"
- the system will display a date.
- if "Syntax Error" is displayed instead of a date, verify that
the line was typed exactly as shown above. (there may be a
problem in that your system may show the fourth letter of the
word CHR$ as a different letter depending upon the language.
please use this as the normal character string)
- if the date displayed is 9/25/1991 or later, no action is
required, the system is not eligible for this ECA:.
- if the date displayed is 9/24/1991 or earlier, the system
is eligible for this ECA:.
- to return to the c:>, type "SYSTEM" and press "ENTER".

8535/8540 system board old FRU P/N's new FRU P/N
identification. 1.P/N 85F0077 P/N 92F0140
2.P/N 92F0108

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