ECA 070 - P70 Diskette Drive cover

ECA 070 - P70 Diskette Drive cover


8573 static suppressing Diskette Drive cover

To prevent static damage to an 8573 system with a serial number of 49,999 or earlier, replace the Diskette Drive cover identified in the physical check section of the ECA with a re - engineered Diskette Drive cover FRU P/N 79F3239.

8573 mod 031 below xx49999
8573 mod 061 below xx49999
8573 mod 121 below xx49999

Remove the Diskette Drive cover on systems with serial numbers below 49,999 and check for a metalized coating on the inside of the drive area where the diskette opening is located. Covers with a coating in this area should be replaced with the new level of Diskette Drive cover.

Required if solid or intermittent POST HANGs occur with a solid Power and dskt light.

Static from a person inserting a diskette into the diskette drive can cause a system board gate array to fail or be damaged. This will cause solid or intermittent POST HANGs to occur with a solid Power and Diskette Drive light on. If the cover has a metal coating on the inside where the diskette passes through, replace the old level Diskette Drive cover with the new cover, FRU P/N 79F3239. If the system is also experiencing a POST HANG condition use ECA 062 - P70 POST HANG to install a system board. Check the model and serial number of the system to determine the system board FRU number.

This ECA does not apply to 8573 P70 systems above serial number 50,000 because they are not subject to this type of static discharge.

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