ECA 068 - P70 - 121/161

ECA 068 - P70 - 121/161


8573 mod 061 + 121 fails to load AIX, UNIX or ZENIX

To correct system HANG problems when loading AIX, UNIX or ZENIX operating systems to the Fixed Disk by replacing the down level bus interface assembly P/N 65X1567.

8573 mod 061 below 50000
8573 mod 121 below 50000

Check bus interface assembly P/N 65x1567 for a 1000mF capacitor installed on the bottom of the card. The capacitor is the only electronic component on the card. If an option card is installed in the lower connector it may be necessary to remove the card to view the capacitor.

When using the HMR for removal and replacement procedures, the bus interface assembly is referred to as the option connector assembly.

This ECA provides for the replacement of bus interface assemblies not having a capacitor present on the connector card. current level bus interface assemblies have the capacitor on the bus connector card eliminating a data transfer noise that can prevent loading AIX, UNIX or ZENIX operating systems to the fixed disk.

Order P/N 65X1567 through normal distribution.

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