ECA 066 - Token Ring adapter - EPROM

ECA 066 - Token Ring adapter - EPROM


EPROM change for Token Ring adapter

This ECA provides replacement EPROMs for affected 16/4 Token Ring adapters.

All PS/2 with 16/4 Token Ring adapter

Affected 16/4 Token Ring adapters can be identified by the part numbers of the two EPROM modules on the card. If EPROM part numbers 74F9325 and 74F9326 are present, this ECA is required.

You can also check for microcode level C24550 by running the Token Ring diagnostics from the reference diskette. If level C24550 is present, the affected EPROMs are on the adapter.

This ECA provides replacement EPROMs for 16/4 Token Ring adapters meeting the physical check requirements. Systems with affected 16/4 Token Ring cards may exhibit the following symptoms:

- Loss of communication between the server and client
- Lost sessions
- Server HANG or lock-up

These symptoms may be intermittent.

Only PS/2 used as servers, and operating with non-IBM Network software, are affected. Workstations which are not used as servers do not require this ECA:. Replacement EPROMs are shipped with installation instructions, and are available by ordering:

FRU P/N 92F9122 - in the USA
FRU P/N 92F9126 - in EUROPE

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