ECA 059 - 8570 A21/r21 parity check

ECA 059 - 8570 A21/R21; parity check


Parity check errors on 8570 A21 & R21 models

This ECA authorizes system board replacement to correct false system board memory parity errors on some 8570 systems.

8570 A21 386 / 25 MHz
8570 R21 486 / 25mhz

Before installing hardware FRUs, all software fixes should be applied to the installed operating system of the 8570 / 25 MHz systems.

To be eligible for ECA:059, the following conditions must be met:

8570 model A21 (386 / 25 MHz) systems must be experiencing the parity check on systems containing system board FRU P/N 15F7657, 8570 models R21 and i486 Power platform systems must contain system board FRU P/N 64F0122.
Both system boards must have a date code of 8933xx or higher on the module located in location U142. earlier date codes are good. date code info: 89 = year, 33 = week of year, xx = plant location. module location: U142 is the longest module next to the inner most memory module socket J17.

NOTE: The processor card does not have to be removed to see the date code.
The system board must have memory installed in more than one system board socket in order to experience this problem.

Intermittent errors caused by the condition normally occur at POST, or during operation shortly after POST. Because this error is normally caused by defective memory SIMMs, it is recommended that system board memory be considered before the system board is replaced. Failing memory is not covered by this ECA:. Advanced diagnostics must be run so solid hardware failures, not associated with this failure, can be eliminated. all software operating systems should have the latest upgrades applied to them. For example OS.2 1.1 extended requires the WR03089 corrective service diskette (CSD) and OS/2 1.2 extended requires the WR04098 CSD.

This ECA covers system board replacement when:
  1.  all requirements in the physical check are met.
  2.  all the symptoms of the operating systems listed below are met.

The following examples show how various operating systems display this parity error:
All levels of DOS will display a message that reads "parity check 1"
OS/2 will display TRAP error 0002. The screen will read "the system detected a hardware memory error on the system board. The system stopped. Run the diagnostics supplied with your system to determine the cause of your problem.
**TRAP 0002**
(other variable information will be here)
(other variable information will be here)
AIX will display a message that reads:

NMI_ERR: memory parity error
XENIX and UNIX will display a message that reads: "PANIC: NMI : ERROR: memory failure - parity error"

If the XENIX or UNIX systems have a file called OEM.O driver or they are at version 2.34 or higher the following message will also be included.
"non maskable interrupt, cause = xx"
(the xx can be any characters)

For the 8570 model A21 order system board FRU P/N 92F0580.
For the 8570 model R21 i486 Power platform order board FRU P/N 92F0581
These system boards are now the current FRU part numbers and will be automatically substituted for old FRU part orders.

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