ECA 053 - 8590/95 memory parity errors

ECA 053 - 8590/95 memory parity errors


PS/2 8590 / 8595 intermittent memory parity errors

To provide a replacement 33 MHz processor board for PS/2 8590 and 8595 systems, which are experiencing intermittent, difficult to diagnose memory parity errors, such as OS/2 TRAP 0002, DOS parity check or AIX NMI memory errors. All of these errors will require system re - boot and will display an error code of 00011800 (118 error) during POST (Power-ON system test).

8590 model 0K9
8595 model 0kD

Inspect the 33 MHz processor board for manufacturing part number 84F9356 on the BAR code label. If P/N 84F9356 is present and the system is experiencing memory parity errors, but diagnostics run error free, the processor board should be replaced with FRU P/N 64F0198, which contains the current level processor board.

The BAR code label is located on the edge of the board as illustrated below:

  _________|          ____________________   |________________
  |__  _____          |__________________|                   |
  |l| |     |              socket              _________     |
  |a| |i-486|                                  |_______|     |
  |b| |_____|processor                       socket + ROM    |
  |e|                                                        |
  |l| <-----BAR code label                                   |
  |_|                                                        |
   |  ______________________________
   |  | |||||||||||||||||||||||||| |       BAR code label
    ->| xxxxxxxxxxx   84f9356  xxx |  x=information not applicable

Error code 00011800 (118 error) will be displayed at POST. The memory diagnostic must be run at this time to clear the 118 POST error.

The following question will be displayed when the memory diagnostics are run: "A memory failure has been detected, have you replaced a SIMM ?" The servicer should reply "yes" to this question.

The memory diagnostic will then test the memory and terminate with no error detected (the memory is not at fault). The diagnostic will reset the 118 error which appears at POST.

Only 33 MHz processor board, manufacturing P/N 84F9356, is eligible for replacement under this ECA:. If the processor has any other manufacturing part number, this change is already installed and this ECA is not applicable.

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