ECA 052 - EPROM for ESDI Adapter/A

ECA 052 - new EPROM module for ESDI Fixed Disk Adapter/A


To make available to the field a new version of microcode for the ESDI Fixed Disk Adapter/A. This ECA supersedes ECA006.
The current version module, FRU P/N 92F0062, corrects highly intermittent Fixed Disk failures.

8560 model 071 only
8580 models 071, 111 and 311 only


Inspect the module in location U16 for P/N 04G3759 printed on the top surface. If present, this ECA has already been applied. Modules with any other P/N should be replaced by using this ECA.
Module location U16, as noted below:

  __                                                        ____
 |  |                                                       |   |
 |  |___                                                    |   |
 |_____|_____  _______    _______    __________  ___________|___|
 |  |       |__| J3  |____| J2  |____|   J1   |__|ESDI hardfile||
 |  |                                             Adapter/A    ||
 |  |           i-u-<i----locator                              ||
 |  |           i    i notch for U16                           ||
 |  | C4        i    i facing J3                               ||
 |  |           i----i                                         ||
 |  |             U16                                          ||
 |__|_________________________________    P2            ____   ||
                                      |________________|   |___||

Install the new EPROM with the locator notch toward edge connector J3.

On some ESDI adapters, U16 may be mounted horizontally. In this case, the locator will face the left side of the card (the notch will face component C4).

The DOWN - level modules are:

P/N 90X7399, P/N 90X8635, P/N 15F6587, P/N 15F6807 and P/N 91F7430.

Module P/N 15F6587 :caused a diagnostic formatting problem and an intermittent hardfile delay during system operation (the hardfile light would remains "on" for approx. 13 seconds). also, in rare instances, a write fault could result in a data shift problem during error recovery, which would be detected during read operations and during diagnostics as a "10473" error (ECC error; read error).

Module P/N 15F6807 : caused a highly intermittent problem of undetected write faults on the last 1/3 of the last sector written (detected during system read operations and by diagnostics as error code 10473, ECC read errors).

Module P/N 91F7430 : experienced a highly intermittent system "HANG" only on 115MB ESDI fixed disks.
  Some older versions of direct driver software, which bypass BIOS (basic input/output system) may experience failures accessing the Fixed Disk after the installation of this ECA. This may occur because changing this module may alter how the Fixed Disk subsystem "appears" to the software. Software which uses BIOS is not affected and will function normally. DOS and OS/2 use BIOS.
If the user software fails after this module is changed, the original module should be re - installed, and the appropriate software support function should be contacted for any possible software patches or updates.
After replacement of the module, FRU P/N 92F0062, advanced diagnostics ESDI fixed disk(s) routine should be run to insure proper hardfile operation.

Order FRU P/N 92F0062 through normal parts distribution.

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