ECA 048 - 8580 system board + Busmaster

ECA 048 - 8580 system board + Busmaster


Provide a replacement system planar for certain 8580's

To provide a replacement system board for some 8580 models 111, 311, 121 and 321 which have Busmaster adapter(s) installed due to a potential data loss problem.

Busmaster adapters usually contain a microprocessor and have the capability of controlling data transfer on the micro channel bus, independently of the system microprocessor. Due to variations in design, visual identification of a Busmaster may be difficult, therefore the documentation accompanying the adapter in question should be referenced.

Machines affected

US production details

8580 mod 111 serial number 6101499 and lower
8580 mod 121 serial number 9014999 and lower
8580 mod 311 serial number 6553499 and lower
8580 mod 321 serial number 9215499 and lower

Greenock production details

8580 mod 111 serial numbers below CB5500F6001
8580 mod 311 serial numbers below CC5500AW000
8580 mod M21 serial numbers below GT5500LFVW0
8580 mod X21 serial numbers below EX5500MWZ45


8580 in the eligible serial numberrange with system board FRU (field replaceable unit) P/N 33F8415 or FRU P/N 90X7390 located near the edge of the system board by the micro channel slots, or those boards which are not identified with a visible FRU part number.
If any FRU part number is visible, other than P/N 33F8415 or P/N 90X7390, this ECA is not applicable.


Any one of the following conditions:

Only 20 MHz models (8580-111, 311, 121 and 321), which have system board FRU P/N 33F8415 or P/N 90X7390 installed, may exhibit this problem.

Systems with the affected system boards may exhibit various symptoms, or no symptoms at all, dependent on the actual Busmaster adapter installed.

8580 systems which meet the physical check requirements and have installed, or are planning to install, one or more of the following Busmaster adapters, are eligible for system board replacement:

eligible for replacement

manufacturer Busmaster name

bicc data networks Isolan 4110-3 controller
comtech international Channel/2
comtech international Channel/2 Plus
IBM corp. Wizard Coprocessor (34F3032)(FC3462)
IBM corp. Portmaster Adapter/A, 512KB (P/N 53f2601)(FC6360)
IBM corp. Portmaster Adapter/A, 1MB (P/N 53F2604)(FC6364)
IBM corp. Portmaster Adapter/A, 2MB (P/N 53F2607)(FC6368)
IBM corp. Extended Graphics Array (XGA)(75X5887)(FC5887)
Metacomp Psconnect
Northern Telecom LanStar/MC(PClink/MC)
Proteon P1840 Pronet-4 Busmaster
Racore Computer Products Racore 4 x 16 Mbps 802.5
Yarc systems Micro785+

The following Busmaster is currently under review and may or may not require this engineering change. As a pre ECA: utionary measure, it is considered eligible for ECA:048 unless otherwise notified by IBM or the manufacturer.

manufacturer Busmaster name

Lan Technologies Microprint Network font

As of the above date, any other currently shipping Busmaster adapters listed in the IBM Micro channel catalog (G360-2824-04) will not be affected and are not eligible for replacement.

IBM will continue to monitor future Busmaster releases, and will update this listing as required.

Replacement system board FRU P/N 85F0434 should be ordered using normal FRU parts ordering procedures. All orders for FRU P/N 33F8415 and FRU P/N 90X7390 will be automatically substituted to the current FRU part number.

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