ECA 045 - defective Power cords

ECA 045 - defective Power cords


Defective PS/2 Power cords (revised)

PURPOSE: important safety instructions
Replace Personal System/2 Power cords manufactured by Multilec. a potential shock hazard exists in some PS/2 Power cords. This ECA provides instructions to identify and replace Multilec Power cords.

*=*=* This information for european users of USA import M/C's *=*=*

PS/2 Power cords should be inspected for the word "Multilec" molded into the plug ends. If "Multilec" is molded into the connector, the Power cord is suspect and should not be used.

All Multilec Power cords manufactured for IBM are "piggyback" type cords. (The end of the cord which plugs into the wall receptacle has female connectors allowing another cord to be attached) although all Multilec cords are piggyback, not all IBM piggyback cords were manufactured by Multilec. It is not necessary to inspect any cord that is not a piggyback type cord.

The affected Power cords were shipped to Canada and latin America for use on all PS/2 models. Within the United States, shipment of Multilec Power cords was limited to PS/2 model 55 SX systems between serial numbers 9000000 and 9499999.
However, since the cords are compatible with other PS/2 systems and peripherals, and may be shipped with PS/2 models originating from other countries, it is advised that all PS/2 products be inspected for a Multilec Power cord. Any customer with a Multilec Power cord is entitled to on site replacement of the cord at no charge.

*** DO NOT attempt to INSTALL or to TEST suspect Power cords ***

A potential defect exists in PS/2 Power cords manufactured by Multilec. Affected Power cords have an improperly wired plug in which line voltage could be present on the ground terminal at the system end of the cord. If a system is connected to Power with an improperly wired cord, 120 volts can be applied to the system chassis and metal covers, as well as any other attached devices and/or cables. Under these conditions, a potential exposure exists for electric shock which could cause personal injury. Using the information included in the physical check section, all PS/2 system Power cords should be inspected

If the system has not been previously installed, or is to be reinstalled, inspect the cord and replace it if manufactured by Multilec.

If the system has been physically installed but not Powered on, or if the system will not operate at initial installation, do not touch the system or any attached peripheral devices. If possible, request that the customer remove Power from the system at the appropriate circuit breaker. Disconnect the cord from the wall outlet and inspect the plug ends. If manufactured by Multilec, replace the Power cord with one from FRU stock.

PS/2 systems which are installed and operational are safe to use, but should not be unplugged and plugged into another outlet, reconfigured, or repaired before replacing the Multilec Power cord.

All suspect Power cords must be destroyed. Be sure that the cord is not plugged into a Power source, then cut off the connector at each end of the cord.

Order replacement Power cords through normal parts distribution.

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