ECA 044 - P70 60MB Fixed Disk

ECA 044 - P70 60MB Fixed Disk


8573 60MB Fixed Disk problems or system HANGs

Eliminate system HANGs and slow disk performance by replacing specific levels of the 60MB fixed Disk Drive, FRU P/N 90X8627, installed in some 8573 systems.

To be eligible, 8573 model 061's must contain an IBM 60MB Fixed Disk Drive that is identified by the following combinations of letters in the Disk Drive label containing the IBM trademark. The letters are: Either P,N,M,L,K,F,H,D,C, or B, followed by either N,K,L, or M or an actual date by month and year.

  logo and letter locations:  ____________________________
                              |         ___  ____   _   _|
                              |          |   |   )  | v ||
                              |          |   |--<   |   ||
     IBM logo-----------------|----------|   |   )  |   ||
                              |         ---  ----   -   -|
                              |                          |
  P,N,M,L,K,F,H,D,C, or B-----|-----------------> x  x   |
  N,K,L, or M_________________|______________________|   |

Two combinations of these letters are not eligible for the ECA:, these are "NN" and "PN".
The system must also exhibit the symptoms listed in the detail section to be eligible for this ECA:.

Some early vintage 60MB fixed disks may exhibit problems when used in the 8573 system. This is caused by an incorrect torque specification on the screws which fasten the cover of the drive to the Fixed Disk unit; this only effects the 8573 system ECA: Use of the close proximity of the Power supply to the fixed disk. The screws can not be adjusted in the field.

To be eligible for this ECA the failing system must meet all three following requirements:

  1.  The physical check criteria.
  2.  Any of the following symptoms:
      - slow or degraded system performance.
      - system HANGs.
      - an increase in defective sectors on the fixed disk.
      use chkdsk to check for increase
  3.  failures while running five loops of the fixed
      disk advanced diagnostic test.

The effects of incorrect torquing will occur in the early life of the system; because of this, ECA 043 will expire on december 31, 1991.

Current FRU parts stock is at the proper level. Order parts through normal parts channels

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