ECA 043 - Mouse plug on 30-286

ECA 043 - Mouse plug on 30-286


New style Mouse requires adjustment of I/O panel

To provide a interim fix for mice that cannot be properly inserted through the I/O panel on the model 8530 286 system.

If difficulty is encountered while installing a Mouse inspect the diameter of the Mouse plug. If it is larger, approximately twice the size, of the keyboard plug and it is being installed on a 8530 286, this ECA applies.

The new Mouse has a plug that has a larger diameter than the previous one. because of interference with the metal I/O panel, the Mouse cannot be inserted successfully. For an interim fix use the following adjustment procedure. A permanent fix is being applied during manufacturing.
  1.  Remove the rear gray plastic bezel.
  2.  Loosen the four screws that hold the I/O panel in place.
  3.  Align panel and insert the Mouse into the I/O port.
  4.  Tighten the four screws.
  5.  Remove the Mouse from the I/O port.
  6.  Install the rear gray plastic bezel
  7.  Proper installation of the Mouse is now possible.

Early level mice that have a smaller plug are not eligible for this ECA:.

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